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Course 2022-2024

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Medium-term plan (MLT) 2022-2024 'Stronger together'
Sustainable solutions for risks in a rapidly changing world

Society is facing major challenges. Climate change is becoming more visible and the need to become more sustainable is crucial. Climate risks, such as floods, must be identified and made manageable. Digitization offers opportunities for strengthening the customer relationship, but also poses questions about data security, privacy and the human dimension. In this rapidly changing society, we see an important task for our sector. On the basis of five themes, we will take you along in our ambition for the coming years and what society can expect from us.

  1. Solutions through insight and expertise
  2. Solutions for a sustainable future
  3. Customer-centric
  4. Responsible with data for customer and society
  5. An innovative and vital sector

Click on the image to open the MLT 2022-2024 (in Dutch).

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