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Cyber insurance market grew to 36 million euros in 2021

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The cyber insurance market has grown to 36 million euros in 2021. This is evident from the annual survey of the Data Analytics Centre (DAC) of the Dutch Association of Insurers. In the study, non-life insurers, who are active on the Dutch market, are asked, among other things, about their activities in the cyber insurance market.

The results are part of the Statistics Premium Income Non-Business 2021 of the Association. Of the total of about 45 active insurers in the commercial non-life insurance market, 38 participated in the study.

More offer for companies

The results show that 15 out of 38 respondents sold cyber insurance in 2021. Just like last year, most of them focus entirely on the business market and therefore do not offer policies for private individuals. The total gross premium volume of cyber insurance will amount to more than 36 million euros in 2021, compared to 28 million euros in 2020. About half of the participants have actually received claims for damages on these policies.

The Statistics premium income for non-profit 2021 is transparent for participating insurers. Do you want to know more about the DAC and statistics? Go to our theme page Data analytics and research.

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