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Financial sector unites for climate adaptation

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The financial sector is an important party in climate adaptation. The Platform for Sustainable Finance also realises this. This platform brings together major financial players so that they can work together on new forms of financing and measures aimed at climate adaptation.

The joint newsletter of the Delta Programme on Spatial Adaptation (DPRA) and the National Climate Adaptation Strategy (NAS), which was published this week, contains good news. On behalf of Achmea and the Dutch Association of Insurers, Gijs Kloek (senior manager climate change) is chairman of a new working group. He reports that banks, insurers and real estate investors have already taken place in the working group, so that a stronger network is created and governments and financial players know how to find each other better.

Action Plan

The Platform for Sustainable Finance has asked the working group to write an action plan. This is expected to be completed in November and builds, among other things, on the Climate Adaptation Financing Toolbox of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. "Two sub-working groups are working on the plan of action," Kloek says in the newsletter. "One focuses on scenarios, the other on solutions for public-private financing. At the end of 2023, there will be a report with a detailed elaboration of concepts and solutions for different parts of the financial sector."

Curious about the complete article, in which, in addition to Gijs Kloek, Annemarie Bor of Samen Klimaatbestendig also speaks? Then read on on

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