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Solvency II review to enable much-needed investments to be made by insurers

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Even after the expected Council compromise in the EU Council of Ministers in June, the French continue to push for a Solvency II system that enables insurers to use their investment power for a strong Europe.

This is the aftertaste of last week's conversation between the Federation and the French Ministry of Finance. As President of the European Council of Ministers , France sets the agenda for the examination of legislative proposals for the Solvency II review in the Council. In recent months, the French have been working a Council compromise on the revision in order to present their final proposal to European Finance Ministers on 17 June.

During the discussion with the officials of the ministry, the Association discussed the most important points of attention within the Solvency II review. It was also discussed how the calculation rules and parameters of Solvency II that have yet to be determined can ensure a balanced outcome of the revision.

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