Is there a future for the intermediary?

Albert Spijkman - Achmea
"You have to remember that customers don’t think in 'distribution channels'. They just want to be helped, say on a Sunday afternoon. Maybe via a chat. Let’s be open to what the customer wants and help them find their way to the insurer. Because that’s actually the difference: they choose the distribution channel and we have to help our business partners run their business better."

Lex Orie - Open Claims
"We help intermediaries to have claim processes that are as near optimal as possible. We’re seeing the emergence of a new focus on those intermediaries. For insurers, it’s a smart strategy to work closely with them in the area of technology. Because for an intermediary, it’s a very expensive and time-consuming process to do it all by yourself. There really is great potential for collaboration here. I’ve noticed there’s a lot of talking going on, but little actually being done. Obviously that has to change. We want to tell insurers how important it is to change, and as tech companies we have to get involved with them in that process."

Florian Graillot -
"Our current usage is driven by two technologies: mobile and Amazon. These two standards should be used in distribution. So if what you want is to be able to contact your insurer on Sunday afternoon, you should be able to. But it should also be possible to visit them, if that’s what you want. The point is, you must remain relevant within the market. Be up-to-date. It has to work differently: we must first value the customer and make the product as user-friendly as possible. And only then look at how to distribute. That, in my opinion, is the main challenge."