Livestream: Impact COVID-19 on insurers

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Livestream: Impact COVID-19 on insurers

After the virus report by partner Cognizant

Understand and discussion about the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on insurers. What opportunities arise and how can you respond to them?

In this Special Report Dutch Association of Insurers partner Cognizant considers what the world will look in 2023 and how this reflects on the Insurance Market. About the opportunities and threats for the insurance industry.

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De voertaal in deze livestream is Engels.

The insurance industry has been thrown into turmoil by the covid-19 crisis, from an inundation of life and non-life claims to having to rapidly adjust to remote working. Insurers have seldom faced this level of disruption in such a short time frame.

However, there is a silver lining, this crisis could well prove to be the push needed for insurers to pull the plug on wide scale digital rollouts. From chatbots to pre-emptive highly personalised policies, insurers will now need to utilise an increasing number of digital technologies to cope with demand, boost revenues and deal with a remote workforce.

The insurance customer of 2023 will expect a fully customised digital experience and the covid crisis could well be the catalyst to make that happen.

In this webinar we will be talking to three experts on how the virus has and will continue to change the way insurers interact with their staff, customers and stakeholders:

Michael Cook, Senior Manager - Center for the Future of Work, Cognizant EMEA.
Mike is responsible for developing thought leadership in Cognizants EMEA Center for the Future of Work (CFoW). In this role Mike identifies the changing dynamics that will shape the business ecosystem of the future, delivering original research and analysis of work trends in Europe. Mike also collaborates with a wide range of technology thinkers and academics about what the future of work will look as digital changes many aspects of our working lives. Mike is an established speaker with broad experience across the services market, including customer experience management, buyside advisory, talent and workforce solutions, and cyber security.
NOTE: Replaced by Euan Davis, director Center for the Future of Work, Cognizant EMEA

Hugh Hessing, senior UK insurance executive
Hugh is an experienced senior executive in Financial Services for over 25 years. CEO and COO roles for UK’s largest insurer and has always put the customer at the heart of everything whilst sustainably improving revenue and efficiency. Now helping FS businesses and Insurtechs on their growth and profit strategies. Has led major transformation initiatives that have delivered significant outcomes for current firm and clients, when at KPMG.

Prof. Dr. Johan Wempe, chair business ethics VU Amsterdam
Johan holds the Business Ethics chair at the School of Business and Economics (SBE) of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Furthermore he is member of the Committee of Experts on the manure legislation. He is member of the board of Groen Gas Nederland (a foundation that stimulates the production of biogas) and programme leader for the Green Gas programme (TKI Gas) of the top sector Energy.

Johan Wempe was founder and the first director of CSR Netherlands (MVO Nederland). He was founder and director/partner of KPMG Ethics & Integrity Consulting and of KPMG Sustainability. He was one of the initiators and chairman of the Dutch Network for Business Ethics (NBN). He was member of the Standing Committee on Bribery and Extortion of the ICC.

Understand and discussion about the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on insurers. What opportunities arise and how can you respond to them?

Start:          10.00 AM (CET)
Duration:     ca. 1 hr.

10.00 – Opening – Martijn Minkenberg, Dutch Association of Insurers
10.05 – Research Cognizant by Euan Davis, director Center for the Future of Work, Cognizant EMEA
10.20 – Impact on insurances by Hugh Hessing until recent COO of AVIVA
10.35 – Impact on ethics, privacy and solidarity by Prof. Dr. J. Wempe, VU Amsterdam
10.50 – Questions
11.00 – Closure

Intended for
This livestream is open to members and everybody else. For anyone that is curious about how tomorrow - post-COVID-19- looks like for the insurance industry. Strategists, marketeers, innovators, risk managers, ICT and high level management.

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Partnership and Corona Service Platform
The world around us is changing and so does the financial sector. The Dutch Association of Insurers is moving towards an open platform. Therefore, the Association works together with various parties in various fields. By entering into partnerships, the Association creates a cross-industry, open platform with the aim of sharing knowledge. This benefits members, partners and the Association. Co-creation thus leads to new initiatives that strengthen the chain as a whole. 
Cognizant Nederland (international service provider in the field of digital business models, processes and technology) is one of our knowledge partners.

In response to the corona crisis, the Association has also set up the Corona Service Platform. Our industry faces various challenges as a result of the corona crisis. In addition to all the measures we take together with our members to help customers, we can imagine that our members also have to deal with other issues. With the Platform, we support them with our network in the areas of Distribution, Finance, Governance, HR, ICT, Legal, Marketing, Operations, Risk Management and Compliance.

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