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Working conditions

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Developments within the insurance sector follow each other in rapid succession and employment is under pressure. That is why insurers and trade unions have drawn up an agenda for the future together. Increasing the labour market value of employees is central to this.


Collective Labour Agreement

As an employer's party, the Dutch Association (Sector Board for Employment Conditions) concludes collective agreements with the trade unions for the office staff and the field service.

The members' consultation on the collective bargaining result has been completed. Both the members of the Employment Conditions Sector of the Dutch Association of Insurers and the constituencies of FNV Finance, De Unie and CNV Vakmensen agree with the result achieved. The Cao Verzekeringsbedrijf 2022-2023 is now a fact.


The Association and trade unions have various projects running for the benefit of employers and employees in the insurance business. These projects stem from the sector collective labour agreement, but are also intended for insurers with their own collective labour agreement. Current projects about which you can read more on this page:

  • Participation
  • Coherent employability policy
  • Health and safety and prevention


Questions about the collective labour agreement or employer's affairs can be mailed to

Workload meter: Measure your job satisfaction!

Employees who enjoy going to work and feel happy are more productive, more engaged, have lower absenteeism and are less likely to leave.

But to what extent are employees happy and to what extent do they experience work pressure? With the Work Pressure Meter, work pressure and job satisfaction become measurable and negotiable. Read everything you need to know to get started with the Workload Meter!

Viewing tip: user session Workload meter

Do you want to know more about the Workload Meter? Then listen back to the April user session. In an hour, the listeners were updated on the usefulness and necessity of the Werkdruktemeter. But also how you can use the Workload Meter (via a step-by-step plan) with the help of the coordinator, manager and employee. It becomes clear which questions the Workload Meter includes and what feedback the users receive. Attention was also paid to privacy (anonymity of the users), how often you can use the instrument and useful tips & tricks when using it.

Social Agenda 2022-2024

Developments in the insurance sector follow each other in rapid succession and employment is under pressure. That is why insurers and trade unions have drawn up an agenda for the future together. Increasing the labour market value of employees is central to this.

The agenda with a vision for the future of labour is the result of joint efforts by the trade unions CNV Vakmensen, FNV Finance, De Unie and the insurers.


The current agenda is about sustainable employment for people, organisations and society. This is important due to digitization, a dynamic labor market, the consequences of corona and the elaboration of the pension agreement. These are just a few examples of current developments that show that employability and mobility are still particularly relevant. In the Social Agenda 2022-2024 , therefore, special attention is paid to guiding people from work to work, recognizing talent and strengthening diversity and inclusion.

Previous editions

The Social Agenda 2019-2021 focuses on encouraging employees to take control of their careers, answers to the increasing demand for tailor-made employment conditions and the search for new talent.
According to the trade unions and the Association, the Social Agenda 2014-2018 has contributed significantly to the awareness process to invest in the staff of the future.

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Sustainable employability

How do you ensure that employees stay productive, motivated and healthy at work? In short, that's what employability is all about. The need to work on employability is increasing, because the Netherlands is ageing and hazing at a rapid pace.

The labour market is getting tighter and employees have to work longer. At the same time, organizations must continuously innovate and respond to changes in order to remain competitive. In 2006, the Association started working on employability together with the trade unions. This has led, among other things, to the Project Ensure your Commitment: a website that can help employees, managers, HR professionals and all other parties involved in working on employability. With tools, tips, current information, links, etc.

It is also possible that employees will still work outside the industry. The sector supports this with two initiatives: 'Getting started for the classroom' and 'Ik Zorg'.

Getting started in front of the class

Due to consolidation, contraction in employment and the continuous flow of laws and regulations by the government, the insurance industry is firmly in motion. In line with the Social Agenda 2019-2021 'Together on the road to broad employability', the Association committed itself in February 2018 with banks and educational institutions to the covenant 'Getting started for the classroom'. With this, the insurance industry helps employees who are considering a (partial) switch to education.

I take care of

Since 2018, the Ik Zorg campaign has been running to recruit new employees for the Care and Welfare sector. At , employees tell us what their position entails and why they have chosen a job in healthcare. Through Ik Zorg , more than 600 professionals throughout the country show, feel and experience how diverse, broad and meaningful their work is. Ik Zorg is part of the Working in Healthcare Action Programme with the aim of reducing staff shortages to zero or close to them by 2022.

Health and safety and prevention

How can insurers give substance to a good health and safety policy? And how can they best deal with occupational risks such as RSI and work pressure? These questions are central to The Working Conditions Catalogue for the (health) insurance business, available via

The Employment Conditions sector of the Dutch Association of Insurers has developed this catalogue together with insurers with their own collective labour agreement and the trade unions CNV Vakmensen, FNV Finance and De Unie. Zorgverzekeraars Nederland (ZN) has also joined the Working Conditions Catalogue. The Working Conditions Catalogue has been approved by the Labour Inspectorate.
Practical utility is paramount: no paperwork, but directly applicable solutions and tips for occupational health and safety risks. The Working Conditions Catalogue contains, among other things, solutions in the field of work pressure, screen work and undesirable behaviour. This catalogue is primarily intended for employees and managers in the insurance sector. Occupational health and safety professionals, directors, works councils and others involved in working conditions in the insurance business can also benefit from it.



Everyone knows someone who, for whatever reason, has a distance to the labor market; for example, from our own clientele, policyholders or family members of staff. The Participation Act stipulates that municipalities help these people to work or offer other forms of support.

Cao parties also want to increase the chances of this group entering the labour market and take responsibility for contributing to the solution of a social issue. The insurance sector also wants to promote the labour participation of this group.

Wajong project

Insurers have several years of experience working with Wajongers. Restart is carrying out a project for the Dutch Association of Insurers and trade unions CNV Vakmensen, FNV Finance and De Unie to allow Wajongers to gain work experience at insurers.


The Dutch Association of Insurers works together with Restart (Wajong and Participation Act) and with Employers-go-inclusive, a program that is carried out by employers' association AWVN and employer network De Normaalste Zaak. The aim of the programme is to motivate, enthuse, advise and support employers in the fight towards a (more) inclusive work organisation.

Refugee students

The Foundation for Refugee Students (UAF) supports higher educated refugees in achieving an appropriate social position. The UAF guides them in their studies and in finding a job that matches their abilities. Sometimes that is with an insurer. Did you know that former UAF students work at, among others, De Nederlandsche Bank, the government, Philips and the Tax and Customs Administration?

Science policy

The Association has been active in the field of science for decades. The sector subsidises research, supports scientific education and relevant chairs and contributes to knowledge within universities about insurance practice.

Insurers find it important that skills and knowledge continue to develop in order to be able to give customers good and well-founded advice and to determine a future-oriented policy. Supporting and using scientific research and education provides insurers with independent judgement and knowledge. With publications, research and positions from a scientific angle, decisions can be scientifically substantiated.
The activities in brief:

  • Since 2008, the Association has been working closely with the Amsterdam Centre for Insurance Studies (ACIS) at the University of Amsterdam. ACIS is a community of 50 researchers and professors affiliated with universities in the Netherlands and abroad.
  • The Association subsidizes a number of chairs.
  • The Association was at the cradle of the Master's degree in Insurance At the UvA and members sit on the Advisory Board to monitor the connection with insurance practice.
  • For a number of years, Nyenrode University has been organising a number of courses in collaboration with the Dutch Association: PE expertise promotion for directors, Insurers Renew Connect and Impact, strengthening insurers. The course PE expertise promotion key officers will soon be added to this.

More information about the collaboration between the Association and science can be found on the pages of the Insurance Academy.

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