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"We always work with code names"

From 2025, large insurers will be obliged to carry out hacking tests, which are based on DNB's TIBER programme. What do these tests entail? And why does a supervisory authority 'interfere' with this? Read our extensive interview with Rob Wassink.

5 questions about the dos and don'ts of open insurance

The Global Federation of Insurance Associations (GFIA) has created six dos and don'ts for open insurance. Why? Who are they for? And what does open insurance actually mean? The Dutch Association director Geeke Feiter is chairman of the Disruptive Technology working group of the GFIA. She answers 5 questions.

Insurers get started with Net-Zero

The Net-Zero Insurance Alliance launched the first Target-Setting Protocol at the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos. This means that Dutch insurers involved in the alliance (a.s.r., Achmea and Nationale-Nederlanden) can work together with insurers with a foreign head office (including Allianz). Richard Weurding, managing director of the Dutch Association of Insurers, speaks of an important milestone.




The Association in Europe

Many laws and regulations that are relevant to insurers come from the European Union. Read more about the activities the Association undertakes in Europe.