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EU legislation against global deforestation also applies to insurers
The European Parliament is in favour of introducing EU legislation on deforestation-free products. These rules are intended to ensure that European citizens will no longer be able to buy products that contribute to the global destruction of forests. This proposed legislation has major consequences for insurers.
Financial sector unites for climate adaptation
The financial sector is an important party in climate adaptation. The Platform for Sustainable Finance also realises this. This platform brings together major financial players so that they can work together on new forms of financing and measures aimed at climate adaptation.
5 questions about insuring e-scooters
They sometimes pass by at a decent speed and are a lot less innocent than you think. Especially abroad, it can be quite expensive if you make chunks with your e-scooter. Jelle Smits of De Vereende knows how that works.



The Association in Europe

Many laws and regulations that are relevant to insurers come from the European Union. Read more about the activities the Association undertakes in Europe.