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Mutual insurers

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The Platform for Mutual Insurers (POV; formerly Federation of Mutual Insurers) has been part of the Dutch Association of Insurers since 2015. Mutual insurers are not-for-profit and have a different business model. As a result, their interests and vision sometimes differ from those of other insurers. Within the POV platform, we therefore specifically represent the interests of these mutual/cooperative insurers. We do this in the Netherlands and internationally. For example, the platform is affiliated with international trade associations Amice and ICMIF.

Visibility as a spearhead

Commissioned by the POV, the Foundation for Economic Research has conducted research into the role and position of 'The cooperative insurer in 2025' (see below under publications). This provides guidance to the POV. For example, the Promotion Taskforce is working on the visibility of mutual and cooperative insurers.

Video - Mutual: "We're in it together"

Podcast Series - Mutual Stories

In a series of podcasts, we emphasise the unique character of mutual insurers: with directors of different insurers and their members (read: insured parties), a conversation is held about the mutual ideas and how this manifests itself in the business operations, customer contact and the price determination of this type of insurer. The series consists of 10 episodes that highlight the uniqueness of mutual insurers.

Listen to the podcasts on Spotify. You can also watch them on YouTube via the same link.

What makes mutual insurers unique?

We made the distinction between mutual / cooperative insurer and commercial insurer clear with a discussion board about the unique characteristics and an infographic with key figures (click on the image to enlarge).

infographic: wat zijn onderlinge verzekeraars

Damage prevention as a spearhead

Climate change is causing more and more damage to, for example, homes, commercial buildings and vehicles. The increase in the use of, for example, accumulators, batteries and solar panels also increases the risk of (fire) damage. This makes insurance more expensive. Some risks are even in danger of becoming uninsurable. That is why non-life insurers work on prevention, the prevention of damage. Because if damage doesn't occur, you don't have to repair it. And that saves a lot of suffering, time and money.

POV's Technical Committee on Damage Prevention develops practical tools in the form of brochures (see below), webinars and prevention days to create awareness among risk experts - who have to deal with these challenges on a daily basis in their profession - as well as individuals and small businesses.

Mutual insurance services

Mutual/cooperative societies that are affiliated with the POV can count on a wide range of individual and collective services. Through the Insurance Academy , you can participate in all kinds of knowledge activities - often free of charge. Employees can subscribe to our own newsletter and to all others of the Association. The POV also supports the members in the implementation and review of the self-regulation of the Association. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or wishes.


The POV believes that personal contact is important. After all, personal contact creates mutual connection and gives us insight into the wishes and needs of members. That is why we periodically visit our members. We also organise working lunches, an annual Prevention Day and various networking and information meetings.


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