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Appeal to EC: technical implementation rules are in line with Solvency II agreement

Insurance Europe calls on the European Commission to ensure that the technical implementing rules (level 2 rules) are properly aligned with the political agreement reached at the end of April on the Solvency II review. Only when these rules have been laid down will insurers know exactly where they stand.

Final agreement on the Solvency II Directive

The European Parliament has approved the proposed amendments to the Solvency II Directive, the European supervisory framework for the insurance sector. This means that the previously achieved negotiation result of December 2023 has now been formally approved.

Insurance Rendezvous in Casablanca

Richard Weurding, general director of the Association, saw the 'Insurance Rendezvous Casablanca' as an opportunity to tell Moroccan insurers as a resident of a water-rich country about how Dutch insurers try to keep flood damage insurable. A story about the difference between being responsible and taking responsibility for climate change. Watch the video.



The Association in Europe

Many laws and regulations that are relevant to insurers come from the European Union. Read more about the activities the Association undertakes in Europe.

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