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Financial sector: 'Accelerating sustainability together with government and companies'

All financial institutions that signed the Climate Commitment financial sector in 2019 have fulfilled their promise to deliver climate action plans by the end of 2022, according to a report by KPMG. The sector would like to take the next steps together with the government and companies and accelerate the sustainability of the economy. By publishing the action plans, the financial institutions indicate that they are committed to solutions to achieve the Paris climate goals.

Cargo thefts tripled in our country

Things are not going well with the cargo theft. Last year, 13,416 thefts (or attempted thefts) were reported to the Transported Asset Protection Organisation worldwide. That amounts to more than double compared to 2021. In our country, it even means a tripling.

The (inter)national food transition (2)

Let's be honest. Do you know what you're eating? And do you know that about a third of all CO2 emissions come from our food system. How do we make more conscious choices? And what role can institutional investors and insurers play in this?




The Association in Europe

Many laws and regulations that are relevant to insurers come from the European Union. Read more about the activities the Association undertakes in Europe.