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Questions from media/press

Please contact our spokespersons.

Questions from members

Do you have a question about a news item or theme? When you log in to the site, there is usually a contact person with the news item or theme.

If you can't figure it out, ask the question via the contact form.

Consumer questions

Are you looking for a policy? Lost your policy? The Association, together with its members, offers a search service for lost policies.

Do you have questions about your insurance or insurance? Contact your insurer or advisor. General information about insurance can be found on our (Dutch) consumer website

Do you have a complaint about your insurer? You can contact Kifid with your complaint.

Ask a question


070-333 85 00

Because of a fire in our building we are currently located at:
a.s.r./Aegon building
AEGONplein 6
2591 TV The Hague

Postal address
P.O. Box 93450
2509 AL The Hague


Plan your route. Visitors can stand in our parking garage for free.

By public transport
Plan your trip on or

The building is located at Mariahoeve train station.
By tram: line 6, stop AEGONplein
By bus: line 24, stop station Mariahoeve