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Working at the Dutch Association

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What do you think is important in your career? Your personal development, a good reward and good working conditions. Of course. But why not put your talents to work for an organization that offers all that and at the same time also make a difference for so many people in our society? Read on!

An organization that makes the lives of as many Dutch people as possible better

The Dutch Association of Insurers is at the heart of society and wants to connect and strengthen the insurance sector and society in the field of risks. Almost all Dutch insurers and Dutch subsidiaries of foreign insurers are members of our trade association. In our conversations with (inter)national politicians, civil society organisations, trade unions, partners and the media, we always focus on issues of social importance. Every three years we draw up a medium-term plan with the focus for the coming years. A few current topics:

  • New risks or opportunities: drones, climate change, new means of transport
  • Safety: traffic, crime control and the fight against fraud
  • Finances: pension, disability


The Association employs around 110 employees, from young talents to experienced employees. Half of the employees are advisors in the field of policy, communication or data analytics or work at the Insurance Academy.

Mariska, policy advisor

"As a policy advisor at the Life/Income department, I can make a valuable contribution to social issues of today and later. With an enthusiastic and close-knit team, we look for solutions that help insurers and their customers. I identify fundamental changes within and outside the sector and look for the connection between society and the financial sector. This makes the work at the Covenant versatile and of social importance. As a young professional, het Verbond offers me all the space to develop, freedom and autonomy, and flexible working for a good work-life balance. You immediately get a lot of responsibility and something is really expected of you!"

Marlen, advisor Insurance Academy


"Het Verbond offers the ideal combination of factors that I find important in a job: varied, inspiring, social, useful and sociable. In the 26 years that I have been working here, I have changed my focus area and function about six times. With the Insurance Academy, of which I have been a member since 2015, we promote knowledge and information sharing with our members and the professional competence of their employees. The insurance world is always on the move and is involved in much more than you might initially imagine."

Carla, manager financial-economic affairs

"I mainly work on making the budget, annual accounts and periodic reports. Almost everything that has to do with money passes through my desk. This brings me into contact with the various files that the Covenant deals with. And that covers a broader social area than what many people think! The Covenant moves along with the dynamics of politics and social themes, so that different files are always up-to-date." 

The application procedure

1. Introductory meetings

We will invite you for an interview if, based on your motivation and CV, we think there is a match. Usually you have the first interview with direct colleagues. The next time we see each other is during an interview with the direct supervisor and an HR advisor. We like to get to know you and find it just as important that you get a clear picture of our organization.

2. Case

If we are still enthusiastic about each other, a conversation with one of our board members and a manager will follow. During this interview you will present a pre-sent case. This practical assignment gives us a little more feeling about your working method.

You will also take a Learning Agility test prior to this third interview. This gives an indication of how you deal with changes. The results of this test are not leading but can be subject of our third conversation.

3. Terms of employment proposal

If we both like to continue, you will receive an employment conditions proposal. We explain the salary and fringe benefits by telephone or in an interview. Of course we will also discuss your wishes. After that we can hopefully welcome you as our new colleague!

Working conditions

Within the Dutch Association of Insurers you can make a career in a way that gives a lot of satisfaction. Socially involved, professionally challenging and with great personal responsibility. In addition to a suitable salary with 13th month, we offer excellent employment conditions, such as:

  • We work 38 hours a week for full-time employment.
  • 25 vacation days for full-time employment. In addition, you can build up 13 extra days of leave.
  • You can largely organize your working hours yourself and a good attunement to your private situation is key.
  • The office in The Hague is easily accessible and it is nice to be close to your colleagues. But if you want to work from home a few days a week, you can do that just as well in most positions.

Training and development opportunities
We are always evolving and we also encourage you to continue to develop. We listen to your ideas. Every year we offer various internal courses and master classes for all employees. We think inquisitiveness is a great trait, so if you want extra training, we are happy to accommodate you.

The Association offers all employees a good pension plan, by Nationale-Nederlanden. The employer pays most of the contribution. Members of the pension plan pay a compulsory employee contribution of 3.5% of the pension base via the gross salary. Employees can save extra in the plan if desired.

Our employees are allowed to participate in a collective health insurance. In addition, we have collective insurance in the field of the WIA and ANW gap with a premium contribution from the employer.