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Associate Partnership

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Industry expansion, technological developments and changing customer behaviour...  these kinds of changes require an insurance chain in which we work well together and share knowledge with each other. 

The Association therefore facilitates an open platform. In it, members,  associate partners and stakeholders from within and outside the insurance sector meet. Through collaboration and knowledge sharing, we create added value for customers on numerous social themes. Think of climate change, pension, housing market, disability, mobility and safety. Want to know more? Then read our course 2022-2024 'Stronger together'.

We invite every organization that wants to achieve this goal together with us to talk to us. Is your organization not an insurer, but active in the value chain of insurers? And can you contribute to the customer's interests? Then the associate partnership is open to your organization .

What does an associate partnership bring you? 

In the cooperation between the Dutch Association of Insurers and the  associate partner is about creating added value for at least thepolicyholder, the associate partner and insurers/het Verbond. Associate partners therefore get access to our network; they are part of the ecosystem to which almost all insurers and various other (associate) partners are affiliated. We exchange knowledge and experiences on common themes and thus improve our mutual insights.  

The Dutch Association organizes meetings in which the Association and the associate partner can reinforce each other or make use of each other's expertise. As an associate partner you can participate for free. Participation in meetings of a working group or platform is by invitation. Associate partners can also make additional use of services / informative services of the Association.  

How does your organization become an associate partner? 

If an insurer applies for membership, some conditions apply. This  applies to a lesser extent to associate partners; the Association only adheres to a number of criteria to guarantee quality and image/reputation to some extent. 

We therefore assess an application on the following criteria:  

  • The upcoming  associate partner is not an insurer.    
  • The  young  associate partner is for a substantial part ofthe insurance sector and part of the insurance chain. 
  • The  young  associate partner has an undisputed image/reputation.  
  • The prospective associate partner makes a contribution or added value to the Dutch Association of Insurers /the members of the Dutch Association of Insurers.  

The board of the Association assesses the application. The criteria are not conclusive; in case of doubt, the board can still decide to refuse an application.

More information, application and costs

Interested? Please contact us. We are happy to inform you about the possibilities and the costs.  After an exploratory meeting with a positive outcome, we make a nomination to the board.  

Mortgage-providing directing parties

In terms of proposition, ambition and distribution model, mortgage-providing directors are very similar to mortgage-providing insurers. With them we exchange knowledge and experiences on common themes to improve our insights and to work on efficient solutions for the customer, the associate partner and insurers.

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The InsurTech that have entered into the associate partnership with The Dutch Association provide very specific software for insurers, for example in the field of fraud detection, embedded insurance and financial risk management. Click on the logos to discover more about their services.



As of 1 January 2022, a number of reinsurers and a reinsurance broker have also become associate partners.


Other associate partners

Link to Hienfeld

Insurer in niche markets such as yachts, art, classic cars and cyber.

Non-profit foundation that, among other things, recovers damages on behalf of injured parties. For example, in case of shoplifting, refueling without paying, online fraud and insurance fraud. As a trusted party, SODA receives offender data from the police (for the purpose of civil settlement for injured parties) on the basis of the Police Data Decree. Perpetrators who compensate damage are less likely to repeat themselves.

Helps progressive investors with unique knowledge and partnerships to better investment solutions. For them, their customers and the planet.

Do you want to become an associate partner?

Please contact Annemieke van Kaam, T 070-333 85 00

Do you work for an insurer?

Consider it membership in the Dutch Association of Insurers if you are not yet a member.