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The fraudster pays

Our collaboration goes back several years: together we worked on a plan to recover damages from perpetrators after insurance fraud. In 2016, this resulted in a collaboration with the Association's Centre for Combating Insurance Crime with the 'lick-on-piece approach'. Since this approach, almost 6,000 cases have been handled and SODA has now recovered more than 3 million euros in damages from insurance fraudsters. Recently, SODA became an associate partner of the Association. Why? And what's in it for the parties involved? Read it below:

What does SODA actually do?

SODA develops innovative approaches in which an unlawful act is part of the problem and civil law is part of the solution. We provide this service for multiple types of offences, including insurance fraud. We directly confront perpetrators of criminal offences with the financial damage that has arisen as a result of their wrongful acts, and hold the perpetrator liable. As a result, the perpetrator is held accountable and the injured party is compensated. This contributes to a sense of justice. Because SODA uses civil law, the criminal justice system is relieved and it also leads to the reduction of crime.

What makes you unique?

In the recovery process, SODA does not act as a debt collection agency. We work more as a mediator looking for solutions. Time, peace and space are taken to arrive at a suitable solution that does justice to both the injured party and the perpetrator. We have a specialised team with a lot of innovative strength, which is good at thinking 'out of the box'. The starting point is always that damages are recovered from the perpetrator after an unlawful act and this leads to a meaningful financial settlement for the perpetrator with which the damage of injured parties is compensated. SODA does the entire story process in a socially responsible manner. A way of working that our clients appreciate and underline. Think of the ethical manifesto that many insurers have drawn up. This personal approach works, because the willingness to pay is high. The story score is at 70 percent.

What are the benefits of the Associate Partnership?

SODA has an extensive network within the Public Prosecution Service, the police and the business community. By making smart use of this diversity of knowledge, SODA can switch quickly, connect and support and deliver tailor-made solutions.

The collaboration with the Association provides an even broader platform. This allows SODA to get to know the insurance market better. By using each other's extensive network and knowledge, we help each other in the fight against insurance crime. It increases the visibility of SODA and contributes to social, preventive awareness of the 'Lick-on-piece approach'.

Insurers can also make use of our knowledge, experience and network through the cooperation with the Association. Under the leadership of the Association, we are working on a uniform approach to the fight against insurance crime. This creates clarity, which benefits the image of the sector.

What are SODA's plans for the future?

The primary focus remains on reducing crime, by offering perpetrators a meaningful financial settlement that compensates the damage suffered by injured parties. But the strength of SODA is innovation. In that capacity and because of our broad knowledge and experience in the field of damage recovery from civil law, SODA is now regularly asked by, for example, the Public Prosecution Service to contribute ideas in the development and implementation of approaches. In the future, consultancy will therefore play an increasingly important role, with SODA also acting as an information hub. Because of their own knowledge, but also because of the collaboration with partners who have industry-specific knowledge and experience.

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Interested in the associate partnership?

Annemieke van Kaam

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