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Our spokespersons are only available to journalists/editors.
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Paul Koopman
Telephone number: 070 - 3338698
Mobile: 06 - 53725923

Focus area:

Pension, labor market, self-employed, investment insurance, mortgages, funeral, customer interests
Barbara van der Rest
Telephone number: 070 - 3338704
Mobile: 06 - 81849603

Focus area:

(Sustainable) investment policy, ICSR, innovation, insurtech, intermediaries, privacy, Solvency II, supervision, collective labor agreement, social agenda, disciplinary law, safe living & doing business
Elias van Hees
Telephone number: 070-3338638
Mobile: 06-28267299

Focus area:

Cyber, injury, traffic, climate/sustainability, subsidence, travel, liability, legal aid, power of attorney, insurance fraud and crime, business market