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Israel and the Palestinian territories

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The travel advice of the Dutch government is currently, on October 11, 'orange' and 'red' for Israel and the Palestinian territories. There is an increased risk of terrorist attacks throughout Israel. In addition, there is a chance of further escalation of the conflict. The border areas at Gaza, Syria, Lebanon, the Golan and Egypt are red, the rest of the country orange.

Color code

Red means it's too dangerous to travel to the area; don't go there. Travel to the orange areas in Israel only if strictly necessary. Check the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the current situation. You can register with the Ministry. This way they know that you are in the country and you stay informed of the latest information.

Personal responsibility

Are you going to these areas anyway? Then this is your own responsibility. The Dutch embassy cannot or probably cannot help you if you get into trouble. Also for code orange: it is not safe to go. The advice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is: only go to the orange areas in Israel if it is strictly necessary. For example, for family visits in the event of a death, serious illness or accident. A tourist trip is not a necessary trip.

Calamity Fund

The Calamity Fund financially compensates travelers who travel through an affiliated travel organization if the already started trip is interrupted by a calamity. The Calamity Fund has been established for the places in Israel where tour operators participating in the fund could not fulfil obligations under the travel agreement. Check the website of the Calamiteitenfonds for more information.

Cancellation insurance

Are you going on a trip to Israel? Check your policy conditions or contact your own insurer if you are unsure what you are entitled to in the event of cancellation.

Travel insurance

Are you currently in Israel? Check your policy conditions that you are entitled to and contact your travel insurer if in doubt. Consider whether your stay is still necessary.

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