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On holiday? Check your travel insurance!

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The great holiday exodus can begin. After the Central region, it will be the turn of the North region next weekend and from 23 July the schools in the South region will close their doors. That means extra traffic on the road, because more than eighty percent of the Dutch have holiday plans this summer. Have you already checked the car? And the travel insurance?

Prevention is still better than cure. So it is better to find out in advance that you do not yet have sufficient coverage than if you are on the Route du Soleil with a breakdown.

Medical expenses

Many travelers think that they do not have to take out travel insurance, "because they already have health insurance". Wrongly. It is true that medical costs that you incur during your holiday are covered by the health insurance, but your Dutch policy reimburses the costs according to Dutch standards. For example, if you travel to America, where a hospitalization can be at least four times more expensive than with us, you have to pay a lot of extra yourself. So check before departure whether you have checked medical costs on your travel insurance.


And what about a serious accident, as a result of which you can no longer go home independently and have to be repatriated. If you do not have travel insurance, you pay for the costs of that repatriation yourself and that can be a very expensive holiday. There are cases where travelers had to pay tens of thousands of euros themselves. And that because she wanted to save a few bucks ...

Check the insurance

So it is certainly worthwhile to check before your departure whether you are insured and for which you do or do not have coverage. Before you know it, you'll be in Asia with a Europe coverage.
Even if you go by car, it is worth checking who can do what for you if you have a breakdown on the road. This can be arranged in your lease contract, but it may also be the case that you have to take precautions yourself.

Bottle of water

And last but not least, make sure you have enough water in the car. With a bit of bad luck you have to wait longer than usual for the assistance and the temperature on the Route du Soleil can rise quite a bit. Unfortunately, domestic and foreign aid is also struggling with staff shortages.
In any case, make sure that the number of the emergency center is in your phone, if only to be sure!

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