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Record amount of damage from extreme weather

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The damage caused by extreme weather will amount to more than 886 million euros in 2022, the highest amount of insured damage since 2007. This is evident from the annual Climate Damage Monitor of the Dutch Association of Insurers. The monitor shows damage caused by lightning, hail, precipitation, flooding, frost and storms from 2007 to 2022.

February storms

The biggest damage was caused by the triplets storm in February: Eunice, Dudley and Franklin swept across our country and caused record numbers of damage reports. Thanks to warnings from the KNMI, Rijkswaterstaat and insurers, people were able to take preventive measures. Nevertheless, the three storms caused damage of more than 714 million euros. That is 214 million more than previously estimated by the Covenant.


Managing Director Richard Weurding: "Extreme weather is costing society more and more money. The impact of climate change is obvious. So we must do everything we can to make the Netherlands more climate-proof. And this starts with awareness. How do we prevent damage, build safely and adapt? Only then can we continue to guarantee insurability for people and companies in the long term."

Early warning

In order to be able to warn early, the KNMI is building an Early Warning Centre (EWC). This warning advice centre indicates the place and time earlier and more accurately if risks arise due to extreme weather. Moreover, the EWC shows what the consequences of such a situation can be and what people can do to prepare better.
The World Meteorological Organization, a leading international organization, reported in March of this year that early warning and prevention worldwide can even lead to a saving of thirty percent in damage caused by extreme weather.


Climate damage causes a lot of inconvenience, as Weurding notes: "In addition to the loss of possessions due to, for example, a violent storm, this also has an emotional impact, which we should not underestimate. I am thinking of the fall wind in Leersum (2021). In about thirty seconds, a trail of destruction was left in the village. People still suffer from that now. By warning in time last year, it is estimated that tens of millions of euros and the associated misery were saved. This can be, for example, the safer (indoor) parking of vehicles, the timely securing of fences and the cleaning up of objects that can blow away. That is why we work closely with the KNMI."

Multi-year picture of damage

There has been an erratic course of damage in recent years, with various causes. In 2021, the major floods were in Limburg. This amounted to damage of 210 million. In 2016, extreme weather led to almost 770 million euros in damage. A hailstorm caused a lot of damage, especially in North Brabant. That was the highest amount until last year the damage amounted to no less than 886 million euros.

The Dutch Association of Insurers has drawn up a toolkit with prevention tips and tools for climate damage. View all figures (in Dutch) in the Climate Damage Monitor here.

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