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Figures & statistics

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The Data Analytics Centre (DAC) receives figures from insurers about their insurance policies and submitted claims. The DAC makes total reports and analyses of this. We also conduct customer satisfaction surveys and research to support policy choices.

The studies are published in three ways:

  • Some are public: these reports are listed below and are available to everyone.
  • More is available for members' employees: log in for these reports at the top of this page. You need an account for this. Don't have an account yet?
  • Insurers who have participated in specific statistics can consult detailed reports about their own organization on CVSnet. 

The DAC helps members of the Association to improve their business operations. Do you want to know what we can do for you? Read more about it.

Public data


last updated

Annual financial report insurance industry

June 2022

Consumer Monitor

March 2022

Customer satisfaction business insurers

January 2023




last updated

Barn fires (Risk Monitor Barn Fires)

October 2022

House fire claims (Home fire risk monitor)

October 2022

Burglary claims (Home Burglary Risk Monitor)

December 2020

Car fire claims

August 2020

Market size product clusters Non-life


Indices of household effects and buildings

November 2022




Life & Income

last updated

Yield value

twice a month




last updated

Insurance fraudsters

November 2022



Last changed on: 11/07/2023